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  • General Information General Information and Data Policy
  • LASCO Instrument Operation LASCO-C2 Instrument, Operation and Calibration
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    • Instrument
    • Laboratory Calibration
    • SOHO Operation
    • LASCO Operation
    • In-flight Calibration
    • References
  • LASCO Processing LASCO-C2 Data Processing
  • LASCO Scientific products LASCO-C2 Scientific Products
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    • Important Warning Concerning Units
    • Calibrated LASCO-C2 images
    • Polarized Radiance “pB” Images
    • K-corona Images from Polarization
    • Electron Density Images from Polarization
    • F-corona Images
    • K-corona High Resolution Images
    • Carrington Synoptic Maps
    • Synoptic and Helio-Latitudinal Maps of Polarization Products
    • Coronal Activity
    • References
  • Visualization of Bk data Visualization of Bk data
  • ARTEMIS Catalog ARTEMIS Catalog of CMEs
  • ARTEMIS-P Catalog ARTEMIS-P Catalog of Polarized CMEs
  • 3D Electron Density 3D Electron Density
  • Processing Team LASCO-C2 Processing Team